Healthy Relationships Curriculum Activities

The following Healthy Relationships activities from Volume I, "Dealing with Aggression," will be taught (links are to lesson graphics):

Exploring Emotions

  1. The Emotions Wheel
  2. Anatomy of Anger
  3. Tom Blows His Cool
The Nuts and Bolts of Aggression
  1. Verifying Violence
  2. Managing Stress
Being Responsible
  1. "I" Statements
  2. Assert Yourself!
  3. Banish Bullying!
Conflict Resolution
  1. WADE-IN and Negotiate
  2. A Cooperative Puzzle
Healthy Relationships curriculum teaches teens to expose gender stereotypes, see the linkages between sexist attitudes and violent behavior, cultivate emotional literacy and assertiveness, and learn prosocial communication skills.

The 3-volume violence-prevention curriculum contains over 50 activities, dozens of student handouts and comprehensive resource guides—all designed to help youth understand and challenge the unhealthy attitudes which lead to violent behaviors in interpersonal relationships.

The curriculum helps young people to understand the root causes of abuse and it teaches constructive ways to express anger, frustration and other "negative" emotions. It also exposes gender stereotypes in the media that foster sexist attitudes and it teaches youth to affirm the values needed to form and sustain healthy relationships.

This curriculum is being used in schools from grade 5 to college level, in sexual assault crisis centers, shelters for abused women, correctional facilities for young offenders and community education and health centers in Canada and the United States. It was developed by Men For Change, a community group based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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